Clinical Conference 2021

How can we deliver quality care – now and in the future?

Join us at our virtual Clinical Conference 2021 to dive deep into the practical side of your profession and peek into the future.

As always, the conference is free to join. It’s open to all optometrists, opticians, optics and optometry students, ophthalmologists and everyone else from the eye care industry.

Learn new insights about high-quality care, dive into clinical cases that are common practice, and polish up your knowledge on cases you don’t get to see that often in your store or clinic. But also: check out what’s on the horizon and how we can use all new things to our benefit.

How do you deliver quality optometry and stay relevant today, tomorrow and in the years to come? Get your answers during the clinical talks and masterclasses on this year’s eye care programme.

From eyewear to eye care

On 4 and 5 October, Philip and Sarah Morgan will take you through a
two-day eye care programme with topics like:
“how to detect AMD with various equipment”, “dry eye management”,
“glaucoma detection” and “OCT in optometry”, “myopia management”,
“future of contact lenses”, and many more.

We have got top speakers, topics, and hosts – and not to forget the theme of this year’s conference: How we can deliver quality care – now and in the future.

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