Stay at the forefront of optometry and optics – join the 15th annual EAOO conference in Helsinki Finland in May!

The European Academy of Optometry and Optics in collaboration with the Finnish Association of Vision and Eyecare invites you to a dynamic gathering, that will attract professionals from 27 countries in the fields of optometry and optics. This event serves as a pivotal platform for fostering professional exchange and networking among educators, scientists, clinicians and industry leaders. 

The conference will take place 10th–12th of May 2024 in Helsinki, Finland, a country renowned as the happiest nation in the world, for the seventh year in a row (UN World Happiness Report). Helsinki warmly welcomes EAOO guests to the heart of spring, amidst the bursting beauty of the season. The conference venue situated right at the seafront will offer a unique maritime atmosphere, with the downtown being just a stone’s throw away.  

The scientific program offers insight into the future   

The overarching theme, ‘Advancing Optometry and Optics through Technology and Shared Care,’ sets the stage for a comprehensive scientific program covering a diverse range of topics. These include cutting-edge research, clinical insights and educational advancements aimed at empowering delegates to make informed decisions in primary care. Key areas of focus span a wide array of subjects such as dry eye and contact lenses, neuro-ophthalmology, ocular pathology, paediatric optometry and optics, myopia management, communication skills, as well as optics and refraction procedures. 

“An engaging variety of content formats will be offered, ranging from keynote addresses and clinical lectures to rapid-fire sessions and presentations spotlighting the latest innovations from industry. This conference is unique for its special interest groups, facilitating interactive discussions led by expert panels in areas such as contact lens, myopia management and education” Prof Daniela Nosch, member of the educational committee describes. 

“With its comprehensive program and emphasis on collaboration and knowledge exchange, the EAOO conference promises to deliver an enriching experience for all participants, equipping them with valuable insights and tools to drive advancements in optometry and optics. It’s an opportunity for professionals to stay at the forefront of their field and contribute to the ongoing progress and innovation in eye care”, Prof Nosch, also responsible for the scientific programme continues.  

Virtual event platform enhances the overall experience – Join live or via streaming 

For those unable to attend the EAOO conference in person, please note that the conference is available as a virtual experience as well. The lectures and keynotes from both main lecture rooms will be streamed via the event platform for remote participants. 

It’s important to highlight that all participants, whether onsite or remote, will have access to the platform showcasing the streaming. This enables everyone to monitor both program streams at their own convenience. Additionally, the program will be available for viewing for up to two weeks after the conference. 
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