The Ethical Council of Optometry (OEN)

The practising of licensed opticians is directed and supervised by the Ethical Council of Optometry in Finland (OEN). OEN provides assessments, instructions, recommendations and other opinions. It also monitors and supervises their implementation. OEN may issue reprimands or written warnings and refer cases to the competent authority for review.

Ordinary members:
Tiina Toivonen, head of legislative matters, Suomen Yrittäjät, the chair of OEN
Jari Ahlgren, optician, optometrist, B.Sc. in Optometry (U.S)
Satu Autio, optometrist (YAMK), lecturer in Metropolia University of Applied Sciences
Merja Kuusela, optometrist, head of staff development
Jussi Paterno, ophthalmologist

Expert members:
Soile Lindstedt, association manager, ERTO
Panu Tast, CEO, the Finnish Association of Vision and Eyecare

Other experts; representatives of the boards of founding associations:
Erkki Tala, optometrist, the board of the Finnish Association of Vision and Eyecare
Tuomo Turpeinen, B.Sc in Optometry (U.S), the board of SOAs

Taina Lehtovaara, coordinator, member services and the administration of the Finnish Association of Vision and Eyecare


Opticians’ professional practice rights and further training register

The practising of opticians is regulated by the Health Care Professionals Act, the Health Care Professionals Decree and the Valvira statement on the division of duties between health care professionals. Like other health care professionals, opticians have a statutory obligation to maintain their professional skills when practising clinical work. The obligation to take further training is based on the Health Care Professionals Act. The Ethical Council of Optometry in Finland guides and supervises opticians’ further training.

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OEN is coordinated by SOA ja NÄE ry