LUE UUSIN: Oulun Ammattikorkeakoulun kansainvälisen kliinisen optometrian Master’s tutkinto-ohjelman tutkimusjulkaisu

Oulu University of Applied Sciences Master’s Degree in Clinical Optometry Thesis Research Projects

Name: Mr. Arto Hartikainen, BSc, MOptom

Title of the Master’s thesis: Advancing Technology of Automated Refraction – Developing an Algorithm for Automated Subjective Refractometer: An Innovation Project

Description: The purpose of this master thesis was to develop an algorithm for an automatic subjective refractometer with which the refractive status of an eye could be measured. It was an innovation project to Topcon Healthcare Solution Emea Oy, later called a “Company”. This master thesis was focused only on the distance refraction. It did not include binocular vision problems and near vision examination.

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