EAOO Helsinki 2024 – Advancing Optometry and Optics through Technology and Shared Care

EAOO the leading international conference of optometry and optics and preceading ECOO spring meeting are previewed to take place next time in Helsinki, Finland.

In May 2024, optical industry professionals will gather in Helsinki for the 15th EAOO Conference, where the latest research findings in the field will be presented. This year, we come together under the theme ’Advancing Optometry and Optics through Technology and Shared Care.’

Organized in collaboration between NÄE ry and EAOO, this esteemed event promises to be an inspiring and knowledge-filled experience for all participants.

For more detailed information about the event, please visit the EAOO Helsinki 2024 event page

Järjestäjä: Finnish Association of Vision and Eyecare & EAOO

Tapahtuman kotisivu: https://e.eventos.fi/events/naery/eaoo2024/home

Hinta: Hinnat tapahtumasivuilla €

Koulutusmuoto: luento,workshop